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Impact Of Globalization On Kenya And Africa

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Essay globalization 1. Generally, globalization has affected manynations in various ways; economically, politically, and socially. It is a term that refersto the fast integration and interdependence of various nations, which shapes the worldaffairs on a global level. Globalization has affected the products people consume, theenvironment, culture, security, and idea exchange between different countries. Thereare many factors that lead to the speedy globalization trends.

This acceleration inglobalization can be attributed to an increase in free-trade activities, emergingtechnologies, or the worldwide acceptance of markets.

Globalization Essay Example

Globalization has affected cultures and economies on matters dealing withenvironmental destruction and availability of the already limited resources. Globalization has had diverse implications for environmental issues such as,pollution, deforestation, water resources climate change, and biodiversity loss. Therampant environmental problems have become the subject of international effortsbecause the effects are felt globally. The negative impacts of globalization focus onthe destruction on the environment that is export-oriented. On the other hand, thepositive impacts are the multinational companies research into technology that iseco-friendly and an increase in environmental awareness.

A major impact of globalization on the environment is that, there is animprovement on the use of resources and the awareness of environment degradation. Due to issues dealing with globalization, a lot of research is being carried out onprogressing greener technology, which will replace current ones that harm theenvironment. Globalization has also helped in the improvement of resources to savethe environment by the promotion of growth through improvement of incomes andeducation. For example, the World Bank aided Mexico in reducing unhealthy ozonedays during the s.

Moreover, multinational companies are on the forefrontcreating technologies that will reduce their adverse effects on the environment. Forexample, hybrid cars are being developed that will economize fuel, as well as, lower 2. Apple is also aim at manufacturing productsthat are eco-friendly.

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Unfortunately, the negative impacts of globalization have outweighed thepositive effects. On a global level, natural resources are being overused.

seltcompsubga.cf This isbecause there has been a rise in demand and ecosystem removal, as a result ofpopulation growth. The need for disposable products has caused logging to be on theincrease, which result into extensive deforestation. About half of the indigenousforests that covered the earth in the past have been depleted.

Deforestation is on theincrease year by year. Since we share financial interests, corporations and governments are trying to sort out ecological problems for each other. Socially we have become more open and tolerant towards each other and people who live in the other part of the world are not considered aliens. True in many cases. Most people see speedy travel, mass communications and quick dissemination of information through the Internet as benefits of globalization.

Labor can move from country to country to market their skills.

True, but this can cause problems with the existing labor and downward pressure on wages. Sharing technology with developing nations will help them progress. True for small countries but stealing our technologies and IP have become a big problem with our larger competitors like China. Transnational companies investing in installing plants in other countries provide employment for the people in those countries often getting them out of poverty.

True but these agreements have cost the U. For instance countries have value added taxes VATs on imports which are as high as The U. This has created a culture of fear for many middle class workers who have little leverage in this global game. Many think there is a threat of corporations ruling the world because they are gaining power, due to globalization. The UN Development Program reports that the richest 20 percent of the world's population consume 86 percent of the world's resources while the poorest 80 percent consume just 14 percent.

Prisoners and child workers are used to work in inhumane conditions. Safety standards are ignored to produce cheap goods.

Globalization : The Benefits Of Globalization

There is also an increase in human trafficking. Globalization is an economic tsunami that is sweeping the planet.

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